How It All Began...

Classic. Minimalist. Versatile. These ideas encapsulate D'HYON WATCHES, designed to capture the you in every watch. After two years in the making, D'HYON WATCHES is proud to provide you a timepiece that will follow you in the journey that is life.

D'HYON WATCHES was founded by Hartley Dhyon with the aim of creating a product that people would enjoy and connect with. Based in Western Sydney, Australia, Hartley is young entrepreneur who wanted to develop a timepiece that became an extension of the wearer. This underpinned the design of D'HYON WATCHES and is the cornerstone that makes our watches truly unique.

The Origins

D’HYON WATCHES finds its origins at the start of the COVID-19 pandemic. During this time of isolation, Hartley envisioned a timepiece that connected people at a time when connection seemed distant.

“I wanted to make a watch for people that would be an expression of them and accompany the wearer on
their personal journey.” - Hartley Dhyon.

To make this project a reality, D’HYON WATCHES worked with German watchmaker David Bana, a watchmaker with years of experience in the industry. After months of work and collaboration, the result was five watches that could adapt to the wearer and truly capture the you in every watch.